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On other hand we provide our core services as a IT Industry to all over relevant industries. Our Services are solutions to your queries regarding think of computer. We provide you a to z services related to everything which you can imagine in computer industry.

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IT infrastructure solutions

Wings has developed strategic alliances with global IT Infrastructure solution providers to deliver an end-to-end portfolio of mission critical networked services to the UAE market. The list of products, services, and solutions encompass the following:

1. Converged Networks
2. Datacenter Optimization
3. Storage Solutions
4. Unified Communications
5. Contact Centers
6. IT Service Management

Providing data, voice and video into a secure, single, integrated network is a challenging task. Wings delivers the return on investment expected without compromising quality or reliability. This includes Converged Network Advisory Services, Converged Network Transformation Services, Managed Converged Network Services, and the Optimization of Converged Network IT Infrastructure.

Wings understands the critical relationship between secure, available data and running a successful business. That is why delivering mission critical information lifecycle solutions is at the heart of the IT Infrastructure offering. Be it DAS, NAS, or SAN, Wings Storage Solutions cover:

• Storage Virtualization
• Virtual Tape
• Backup & Restore
• Business Continuance
• Storage Consolidation
• Metered Storage

Wings IT Service Management offering aligns the entire IT organization to common business goals and operating rules using an innovative suite of services and an ITIL-based operating environment that standardizes IT across the enterprise. These services cover a complete lifecycle of service management with a focus on the ISO/IEC 20000 standard including:

• Availability Management
• Performance Management
• Configuration Management
• Change Management

networking solutions

Networking plays an important role in building efficient IT infrastructure, which in turn is the backbone of any organization. Wings helps enterprises, SMB owners and public sector agencies meet bandwidth demand, optimize their networks and run data centers. We take pride in offering our customers the best networking design with maximum infrastructure capabilities, while keeping all our solutions cost-effective, manageable and suitable to customer’s size, business model and functional requirements. Our solutions include:

• Optimized branch office connectivity
• Network assessment and design
• Network Setup and Implementation
• Small to Large Scale Network Setup
• Structure Cabling & Trunking
• Structured Firewalls, VPN Setup
• Highly available LAN and WAN architecture
• IP telephony and unified communications
• Application performance acceleration
• Data centers network design
• Secure wireless infrastructure
• Layered security architecture design
• Managed risk services
• Authentication and DLP Solutions

Providing data, voice and video into a secure, single, integrated network is a challenging task. Wings delivers the return on investment expected without compromising quality or reliability. This includes Converged Network Advisory Services, Converged Network Transformation Services, Managed Converged Network Services, and the Optimization of Converged Network IT Infrastructure.

Clients benefit from branch office to central site connection, high levels of security, dramatically reduced total cost of ownership and network optimization. Our experience in implementation ensures that your infrastructure is leveraged for maximum business ROI.

Wireless networks expose you to a range of vulnerabilities that can threaten business continuity and data integrity, increasing the risk of disaster. Wings’s solutions include securing your wireless router or access point administration interface, controlling SSID broadcast, enabling WPA encryption and filtering for access control. WINGS can provide solutions which allow a wireless LAN to take full advantage of wired infrastructure resources while also taking care of security, deployment and control issues. Wireless LANs are deployed without cabling for clients in spaces where cables cannot be run, such as hard-to-reach locations within a building, outdoor areas and historical buildings.

Unified Communications enhances business productivity and facilitates agility by creating a Unified Workspace encompassing every combination of applications, devices, networks, and operating systems. Unified Communications is helping you integrate communications more closely with business processes, ensuring that information reaches recipients every time and everywhere, no matter what their working environment, through the most appropriate medium

Enterprises face dire consequences due to user behavior at endpoints, which puts confidential data at risk. Host Data Loss Prevention monitors and prevents risky user behavior that can lead to a sensitive data breach. This protection works across networks, through applications and via removable storage devices. You’re in control whether users are in the office, at home, or on the move

With more data breach incidents making the news, companies are understandably concerned about protecting their information assets and being able to prove their full compliance with privacy regulations. Using the powerful encryption and strong access control features of Endpoint Encryption™, you can prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data and stop data loss and exposure today.

Noncompliant, infected, or misconfigured systems pose security risks and incur costs due to system downtime and restoration. Even one infected host already on the network can cause disruptions to network bandwidth or can infect other compliant systems. Boost NAC to protect high-risk areas on the network by identifying, quarantining, and remediating infected devices.

One of the most important issues facing today’s organisations is the protection of data assets. Port Control provides a scalable, enterprise-wide security solution that uses strong access control to prevent unauthorized use of removable devices connected to serial, parallel, USB, Bluetooth, FireWire, IrDA, and other ports.

Enterprises are constantly innovating to provide better services at a faster pace. This requires pervasive use of IT and leads to dependence on IT assets for better business results. While IT provides the agility that business requires, it also opens the environment to a number of new risks. Risks to IT assets are increasing and ever changing. Once the risks are managed it is possible to leverage the full potential of IT investment. Hence, more and more businesses are seeing Information security as an enabler that can make or break a business.

Our infrastructure audit looks at weaknesses in your network, servers and operating systems from a security point of view. We utilise advanced technical skills and tools to uncover vulnerabilities and determine potential impact on business. The individual components of the service include network architecture review, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing..

IP telephony unites your organisation's many locations and employees into a single converged network. IP also offers cost savings by combining voice and data on one network that can be centrally maintained, and by eliminating tolls for calls between locations.

Wings gives you customised, fine-tuned, secure IP telephony so that you reap the benefits without putting your business and IT systems at risk.

Converged Communications - the convergence of voice, video and data over Internet Protocol (IP) - provides new ways for companies to connect, communicate and collaborate. Converged networks are being implemented at an aggressive pace for businesses of all sizes in all economic sectors. Organisations across the board are recognizing the emerging applications, cost savings and productivity enhancements enabled by a single networking infrastructure and are poised to realize these benefits. Wings deploys, manages and optimises technology to help clients gain more from their investments in communications infrastructure.

Unified Communication technologies use the power of software to deliver complete communications--messaging, voice, and video--across the applications and devices that people use every day. Integrating the experiences you associate with the telephone--phone calls, voice mail, and conferencing--into the work you do on a computer--documents, spreadsheets, instant messaging, e-mail, calendars--has the power to fundamentally change the way the world works. Wings is the leading partner in the UAE for both Microsoft and Nortel who have created the Innovative Communications Alliance for Unified Communications technology.

Wings can design, deploy and upgrade networks of any bandwidth that meets your needs today, tomorrow and in the future. Good network design must recognise the requirements for business and technical goals, including availability, resilience, scalability, affordability, security, and manageability. Whether you are looking to build a LAN/WAN, re-design your current LAN/WAN, or are considering ways to optimise your current LAN/WAN infrastructure, Wings can help.

Wings enables businesses to be successful by designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN and WAN) that maximise the potential of voice and data technologies to facilitate the exchange of information. From wiring to LAN switching, through internet connectivity to the most complex protocol configurations and large-scale enterprise networks, Wings has the experience necessary to design the voice and data network solution your business requires.

Our experienced engineers can help integrate and support security-rich data, voice, and video networks, enable intelligent network infrastructures, and leverage new technologies like virtual private networking (VPN), optical, voice- and video-over-IP, content delivery networks, and mobile and wireless.

Wings has a strong track history in providing data networks for service providers. We have specialised expertise in switching and routing, local loop, security, convergence and mobile communications. We provide fully integrated data solutions, designed and implemented with technical excellence, and informed by a deep understanding of the pressing commercial pressures our customers face.

We provide solutions that provide recording, evaluation and analysis of all electronic communication and interaction by telephone, fax, e-mail, web chat / browsing and desktop computer activity in both traditional and Web based environments.

Wings's network audit provides a general evaluation of your network performance, based on the analysis of pre-defined key performance indicators. Our service provides you with valuable information regarding the current situation and identifies network performance points where future improvements can be achieved. These improvements can be based on the performance of the network or on the better utilisation of its resources.

We help organisations exploit the advantages of voice communication over IP, and to migrate in a cost-effective manner from legacy technologies to IP Telephony. We assess, migrate, integrate, secure and manage IP Telephony to help clients mitigate the risk of end-of-life PBX’s and reduce the operational costs associated with managing and administrating multiple networks. Our portfolio of telephony and converged IP telephony solutions, deliver seamless, scalable real-time business communications with unprecedented flexibility in telephony applications deployment to meet our customer's environment, expectations, timetable and budget.

Security threats are ever evolving. They continue to evolve in type, complexity, threat and number. In line with the spiraling levels of security threats, organisations are recognising that they need to evolve their protection policies, systems and methodologies. A firewall, an intrusion detection system, a mail security gateway, and other security devices are a definite need for your protection, but are these enough? Security devices are only as good as they are configured - to enforce an organisation's security policy. Do you have a security policy? Are you continuously revising and evolving your policy? Are your staff trained on responding to security threats? Have your security policies and products been tested?

Wings Security Solutions can help you find the answers to these questions and more. Our dedicated team of security consultants is backed up by a proven methodology, a strong products portfolio and an outstanding integration experience.

A VPN allows multiple locations (or sites) to electronically communicate as if they were in a single location. Your organization can make substantial financial savings and significantly increase in productivity by using a VPN. It enables the user to make best use of the equipment available in the office, the user doesn’t have to be physically present in the office to use printers, databases files and email servers. The provision of a VPN makes it possible to make use of all the information, equipment and resources that are located within the office building, but can be accessed from the location of user’s choice. It is a boom for organizations that work from multiple locations, such as regional Head office connected to branch offices, this allows information, equipment and resources to be shared between the offices as if they were located in the same building.

A well-designed VPN can greatly benefit a company. For example, it can:
• Extend geographic connectivity
• Improve security
• Reduce operational costs versus traditional WAN
• Reduce transit time and transportation costs for remote users
• Improve productivity
• Simplify network topology
• Provide global networking opportunities
• Provide telecommuter support
• Provide broadband networking compatibility
• Provide faster ROI (return on investment) than traditional WAN

Today, networked computing is more important than ever for businesses to remain competitive. As a result, modern operating systems require mechanisms for managing the identities and relationships of the distributed resources that make up network environments. The solution is the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server with Active Directory which can:
• Help you consolidate the management of your existing network environment
• Increase network security
• Integrate many different components into one scalable network
• Increases the value of an organization's existing network investments
• Lowers the overall costs of computing by making the Windows network operating system more manageable, secure, and interoperable

Active Directory offers many advantages, including:

• It allows your organization to efficiently share and manage information about network resources or users.
• It provides a single point of management for Windows 2000 Server user accounts, clients, servers, and applications.
• It can contain over one million objects of a business such as users, computers, printers, and application programs.

• It acts as the central authority for network security, letting your operating system verify a user's identity and control access to network resources.
• It can be used to extend systems securely to the Internet.

• It helps to organize and integrate systems that aren't Windows-based and consolidates directories for easier management of the entire network.
• It increases the value of your existing network and lowers the overall cost of computing because it makes your current Windows network more manageable, secure, and interoperable.

Active Directory Can Help Your Organization By:
• Eliminating redundant management tasks by providing one location where you can manage all your resources and users.
• Reducing trips to users' desktops because Active Directory service enables automatic distribution of software based on an employee's role in the company.
• Leveraging IT resources by securely delegating administrative tasks to all levels of your organization.
• Lowering the total cost of ownership by simplifying the management and more efficient use of file and print services and by making network resources easier to find, configure, and use.

A Wireless Distribution System is a system that enables the interconnection of access points wirelessly. As described in IEEE 802.11, it allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the need for a wired backbone to link them, as is traditionally required. An access point can be either a main, relay or remote base station. A main base station is typically connected to the wired Ethernet. A relay base station relays data between remote base stations, wireless clients or other relay stations to either a main or another relay main station. A remote base station accepts connections from wireless clients and passes them to relay or main stations. Connections between "clients" are made using MAC addresses rather than by specifying IP assignments. All base stations in a Wireless Distribution System must be configured to use the same radio channel, and share WEP keys if they are used. They can be configured to different service set identifiers. WDS may also be referred to as repeater mode because it appears to bridge and accept wireless clients at the same time (unlike traditional bridging). It should be noted, however, that throughput in this method is inversely proportional to the number of "hops", as all traffic uses the same channel. For example, client traffic going through one relay station before it reaches the main access point will see at most half the maximum throughput that a directly connected client would experience.

In a wireless LAN, the switch or hub connects access points together. This creates a wired backbone enabling wireless LAN roaming protocols to work. Most access points accommodate connection to a switch or hub via an RJ-45 connector and twisted pair (Category 5) wiring. The Cat5e cable can be up to 100 meters (roughly 300 feet) long. As a result, you need to plan the installation of hubs or switches to avoid exceeding this distance.

intelligent cabling solutions

A structured cabling system provides a platform upon which an overall information system strategy is built. Wings's experienced and dedicated team provides an 'end to end' service from design to implementation. We design and build cabling infrastructure systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems. We will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company. We provide infrastructure cabling of the highest quality, to ensure that your networks run at full wire speed and maintains the highest possible availability. The Wings provides total structured cabling solutions, from small turnkey cabling to large multiple sites, multiple floor communications projects. Working closely with the world’s leading providers of end-to-end connectivity solutions, we offer you structured cabling services that are solid, adhere to stringent quality controls and surpass industry standards. Wings’ Structured Cabling services include:

Site Survey & system specification
• Systems analysis and design
• Cat 6 & Cat.6A structured cable
• Integrated voice and data cabling
• Fiber optic cabling installation & termination
• Moves and changes to existing installations

Wings provides cabling management solutions through our software partner iTRACS. iTRACS software monitors the hardware to self-discover the network topology in data Centres, communications rooms, and wiring spaces. It automatically detects authorised and unauthorised changes, uses patent-pending technology to pinpoint wiring trouble spots, alerts IT staff to problems, and issues work orders or trouble tickets to initiate corrective action.

We design and build fiber drop cables as per Etisalat requirements and standards for new buildings and developments. This cabling is primarily to develop and deploy FTTH (Fiber to Home), based on GPON Technology.

Wings provides an extensive range of network and server cabinets and cabinet accessories from a number of top manufacturers. Our range encompasses all requirements and budgets.

Our dedicated technical team provides a range of service levels for our customers through annual contracts. From 24x7x365 service for mission critical infrastructure to low intensity support arrangements, our contracts cover your requirements.

More and more organisations are centralising their IT operations in today's business environment with central data centres becoming a critical component in many organisations. Wings can provide a complete physical data centre with core elements including cooling, raised flooring, UPS, generators, racks, fire separation systems, water detection and regular maintenance services.

The key factors in any data centre include the temperature and the amount of water in the air. Too much of either can result in huge losses for an organisation; valuable equipment such as servers and storage must be maintained in precise conditions. The equipment we install ensures the air temperature and humidity levels are kept to manufacturer's specifications. All electrical equipment produces thermal energy, and the accumulated heat load produced by data processing equipment can be significant. Air conditioning is normally required to maintain the environment within these limits. A closely controlled environment produces good working conditions to the benefit of both machines and operating staff. In Data Centres, it is more common to install modular, self-contained conditioners which sit on the raised floor.

A raised floor provides space for the massive amounts of cable required in a Data Center, and can simplify the process of adding and moving equipment. Another benefit of a raised floor is cooling: cool air can be pushed under raised floors and directed at servers and other heat-sensitive equipment. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Systems In any critical infrastructure the need to maintain operation of equipment is paramount to avoid data loss, business interruption and other consequences. Typically we install UPS systems in most data center facilities to ensure a continuous supply of power irrespective of the availability of utility power. Wings's wide range of UPS systems starts from 300VA through to 300KVA. We are one of very few suppliers in the UAE who can provide high-phase UPS systems for large enterprises and we have specially trained engineers available for installation and maintenance.

We supply fire suppression systems that are equipped with specialized FM200 gas. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, FM200 poses no risk to human health and no significant reduction in oxygen levels. FM200 gas is effective within 10 seconds of discharge so that fires are rapidly extinguished before they spread.

Wings provides water detection systems through water sensitive cables placed throughout the data center, floors, ceilings, air conditioning units to ensure that any water leak is immediately detected and dealt with.

hardware supply

We provide complete range of IT equipments, initial Hardware installation services and computers:
• HP, IBM, DELL, Toshiba & Sony Notebooks, PC’s and Servers
• Cisco/Watch guard Firewalls and Internet Security Products and Solutions
• Racks, Passive Components and Products
• HP/Epson Printers and HP Back-up storage solutions
• Interactive Boars

Looking for one particular piece of hardware, a new computer system, or complete network package? We sell the widest assortment of products from all the leading manufacturers. We also understand that the right combination of software can dramatically affect a business’s revenues and expenditures. We carry a comprehensive selection of software, competitively priced to meet your needs.

Part of a complete technology solution is having the proper hardware to support it. We are experts in sourcing out robust and reliable hardware for desktops and laptops, servers, network infrastructure, accessories, power management and security.

We sell the right software for the job. We carry applications from all the leading manufacturers. From Microsoft's full line of business applications and the Windows Operating System, to communication software, database software, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), and security software. We know what's available and we can work with you to find the right solution.

Warranty is a necessary component for ensuring the long-term success of your hardware and software investments.

maintenance service & support

Wings offers fully customisable contracts tailored to each customer's needs. Contracts can include:
• Maintenance & Support on hardware and /or operating software
• A managed service agreement.
• Guaranteed response time.
• Remote online support.
• Site visits where appropriate.
• Preventative analysis.
• An outsourced IT department.

The main benefit of maintenance contracts is that it allows the client to budget for their IT costs over a 12 month period. In addition to contract work we have a number of highly skilled technical consultants that can manage other IT projects for your company. When a network is installed, it is recommended that regular maintenance be scheduled to ensure the system is operating optimally. There are a number of additional benefits from having a service agreement.
• Your system is maintained by a qualified professional.
• You can book regular maintenance with the technician in advance. Staff can ask questions, and troubleshoot problems while the technician in on-site.
• You can make arrangements for preferred service hours, outside of the normal business day, but better suited to the operation of your company.

A technical service contract allows us to be preventative, rather than solving a problem, which can be much harder. We continually check the state of the backup performed by the server, as well as educating the staff on backing up valuable data. We perform spot checks on virus software updates, as well as keep an eye out for potentially damaging use of un-authorized software installation. Outsourcing your IT support allows you to focus on your business while removing the headache of day to day technology issues.

If you want a contract that's designed to be proactive and want flexible payment options then we have a selection of contracts to meet your needs. If you believe your requirements are unique to you then we will tailor a contract that will suit. Talk to us today and let your business experience real service excellence We are able to diagnose and fix PC related faults and problems. We have over 5 years of practical computing experience providing PC support and PC repairs for a wide range of computer equipment including desktop PCs and servers.

In summary, if you are a small or medium business with no in-house IT staff, or a large organisation which simply wants to outsource the management or part of your entire IT infrastructure, Wings offers you a range of flexible Support Contracts to choose which will match service levels to relevant budgets.

• My system won't startup
• My system won't shutdown
• I can't get on the Internet
• My computer seems to be running slowly
• My programs crash all the time
• I can't find the important file I typed last night
• My monitor is flickering
• I think my PC has a virus
• There's no picture on the screen
• My Computers making a funny noise

Contact us now, and tell us your problems...we can help! We offer our PC support, maintenance and troubleshooting services to home and small business users. We provide Post Sales Support & Maintenance. Many of our clients request comprehensive maintenance contracts with Wings to ensure that their critical networks (hardware or software) are supported. These contracts range from traditional warranty support, to maintenance during office hours, to 24X7 critical supports. Wings committed to deliver maintenance service and support fast and on time. Our outsourcing and managed services solutions help our clients to consolidate and modernize their existing infrastructures, improve customer service, and reduce their total cost of operations through the effective use of industry best practices and performance-based contracting methods. We also support our clients with operations management services and, based on their particular needs, may oversee their technical infrastructures, manage their applications and networks, or operate their entire business processes in accordance with service-level agreements.

Give your Personal Computer a tune up with our comprehensive service with check ups covering many aspects of your computer that can effect performance and / or reliability.

The service ensures your computer is running at optimum performance, and provides valuable preventative maintenance, reducing the chance of problems in the future.

We will provide advice on any faults found with your system, and advice if there are any cost effective upgrades that your system may benefit from. Whilst we are with you feel free to make the most of your money by letting us answer your computer related questions - Just ask away! PC Servicing is available on or off site and takes approximately 1-2 hours. (24 hr turn-around for off-site services).

Regular PC Servicing is of particular benefit to Business customers, as there is a real opportunity to apply preventative maintenance, potentially reducing future unplanned downtime. Discounts may be available for Business customers with multiple PCs requiring a service. To arrange a PC Service, simply contact us to arrange a suitable time. We offer computer servicing to home and small business users in UAE. To find out how much this service costs, please take a look at our pricing page

Computer viruses are being written and released all the time. With more and more of us carrying out everyday tasks like banking and shopping online, we are increasingly at risk from the effects of a virus. It's quite clear how much of a problem viruses are in modern computing, with viruses. Most of us store some data on our PC's that is of at least some value - Perhaps family photos from your digital camera, personal accounts, or perhaps you rely on your PC for all your business accounts and processes? What ever you store on your PC, it's likely that its worth more to you than the relatively low expense of having a virus checker installed. Protect your data today! Just a simple 1 hour site visit is all that is required by us to provide, install and configure a leading antivirus program, following which we will run a full virus check and clean. We will then explain to you how to keep your antivirus program up to date. The fact of the matter is that if you have been running a PC that is connected to the Internet with out an anti virus software for any amount of time, there's a good possibility that your PC is infected with one of more viruses.

Over time, all PC systems suffer from a variable amount of slow-down. This can be due to a few reasons:
• Too much software installed (e.g. From magazine cover disks) Un required items running at startup
• Lack of free hard drive space for system tasks
• Spyware activity
• Virus activity

Whilst all of the above items can normally be dealt with via preventative maintenance along with regular servicing, there is no doubt that a rebuild is the best way to irradiate annoyances such as system crashes and slow downs. During a PC rebuild, Wings Computers carry out the following tasks:
1. Back up your data (This is a safety pre-caution, you should take steps to ensure your data is securely basked up on a regular basis)
2. Wipe the systems hard drive, erasing everything that was on it
3. Reinstall your operating system
4. Apply all required updates to ensure secure, reliable running

The above is all carried out to a strict procedure, ensuring we don't miss anything during the rebuild. The result will be a clean, up to date system that runs well!

We are able to setup and configure Dial-up, Cable Modem and ADSL broadband connections. All aspects of the setup, including ISP, telephone cabling and PC installation/configuration can be taken care of, and of course we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have, just ask away when we visit.

Let us take the worry out of broadband for you! Following an initial telephone chat we will visit to fill out a simple form - Within a couple of weeks you'll be enjoying high-speed always-on Internet connectivity.

How important is your data? Could you manage without your accounts files, customer list, digital photos or other data? Even with the best backup routine in place, data can be lost due to systems failure, disaster (Such as fire/flood) and the most common reason - human error. We have the skills and tools to recover data from systems that has been accidentally deleted. Even if the drive has been formatted or re-partitioned we are able to retrieve your data for a reasonable fee.

Installing new hardware and software can be a daunting task for even the most experienced of computer users. Take the stress and hassle out of the job, and carry out your installations for you. Most installations can be carried out in your own home or Business while you wait, causing the minimum of disruption to your computer work.

We are able to install hardware such as items listed below:
• Scanners
• Digital Cameras
• CD/DVD Re/Writers
• Printers
• Modems
• Memory
• Hard Drives
• Monitors
• Sound cards
• Speakers
• Wireless/Bluetooth adapters
• Mice

Most software/hardware installations are installed under a standard charge. When installing software we will ask to see either your certificate of authenticity, or original media. Please contact us to for a no obligation discussion and to arrange a visit. We offer our hardware and software installation services to home and small business users in UAE. To find out how much this service costs, please take a look at our pricing page

As you use your Personal Computer for more and more advanced tasks, the demand placed on your PC becomes greater and greater, resulting in a sluggish, slow responding system which is far from a pleasure to use! Most PC's can benefit greatly from a minor upgrade, the most popular of which being a memory upgrade. Upgrading your systems memory is normally the most cost effective way of improving performance. There are many options when upgrading a PC, from the simple memory upgrade as mentioned above, to a full motherboard and processor replacement. Perhaps you simply need more space to store files, in which case an additional or replacement hard drive will be the way to do. We won't always advise a hardware upgrade, we find that many PC's benefit greatly from less expensive options such as our PC Servicing. Contact us with basic details of the problem you have and what the main use for your computer is and we'll tell you what we advise and how much you can expect to spend. This is free of obligation, so you've nothing to lose!

Wings provide all types of office automation and electronics maintenance. The Wings spare parts and maintenance department has highly skilled and dedicated staff that caters to customer’s electronics maintenance requirements.

Wings can supply and maintain all types of small and large office electronics including fax machines, telephones, typewriters, calculators, labeling machines, shredders, laminating machines reprographic machines, automatic mobile filing systems and other heavy duty machines like audiovisual systems and presentation tools including LCD, overhead and slide projectors, TVs, VCRs, video cameras, Hi-Fi systems, PA systems, computer monitors and laptop computers. Wings will also rent LCD projectors to customers on an as needed basis.

All types of office systems furniture including partitions, desks, cabinets and associated cabling and cable management.

Provide general maintenance including civil, electro-mechanical and electrical systems in company-owned accommodations, villas and in privately owned buildings.

Repair, overhaul and supply all kinds of electrical, electro-mechanical and non-electrical appliances and accessories.

All Wings hardware and software products are covered by the standard warranty by respective manufacturers, with some products coming with longer coverage.

Because our customers rely on us as a strategic partner and an integral part of their experience with computing, networking and e-commerce, we offer them high-performance, reliable, and secure solutions that protect their IT investments, account for effective spend management and get them the ROI they truly deserve.

Wings will provide recommendations and planning assistance to support customers regarding all aspects of administrative computing. The scope of such assistance includes the following:
• Hardware and software recommendations.
• Planning for support of new IT initiatives
• Evaluation of training needs for users

From installation to product retirement, warranty upgrades to maintenance plans and proactive care to 24x7 problem resolution, we cater to all your hardware and software support needs.

Integrating our skill competencies and experience, we create a collaborative support solution to suit enterprises of all sizes and environments. Providing you with the exact hardware and software support you need, our customized support plans guarantee quick and easy solutions.

By providing your computer and networking equipment with the highest quality products, offering timely purchase, upgrade and deployment information and meeting changing market demands for new products and services, we offer quality support and service.

Plan1: Working Hours Support AMC Sat – Thu 9:00 AM to 8:00PM
Plan2: 24x7 Support AMC All Day 24 Hours

Wings goal is to respond to all requests for service as quickly as possible. Wings prioritize requests as they come in using the following general guidelines:
• Urgent requests are those that meet one or more of the following criteria:
o Multiple users are affected.
o The user's computer is not functional.
o The network is inaccessible.
o The user is working under a deadline or on a time sensitive task.
o The problem is with software that is vital to the nature of the user's work.
o The user is unable to send or receive email.
o The security of one or more machines is compromised.

• Normal requests typically fall into the following categories:
o The request is specified as non-urgent by the customer.
o The request involves peripheral equipment such as printers.
o The user is experiencing an application problem that does not interfere with critical functions.
o The user has an informational question (e.g., "How do I...?").

• Planned requests are those that require scheduling, research, or other advance preparation. Examples of planned requests might include the following:
o Hardware or software recommendations.
o Computer setups.
o Maintenances.
o Requests for other services (e.g., hourly or retainer contracts).
o Software installation or upgrades.
o Hardware upgrades or service.
o Computer moves (i.e., configuring machines for a new location; Wings does not physically move computers).

Note that the boundaries among categories are not absolute. For example, there are times when a request that would normally fall into the "Normal" category might in fact be urgent.

Urgent 0-1 Hours
Normal 1-4 Hours
Planned As per appointment

The "initial response time" refers to the time during which a Wings consultant will get in touch with the user (generally by email or telephone but in some case by an in-person visit) to get additional information or schedule a time for a visit. In some cases, the problem may be resolved in the initial response phase. For cases in which the problem cannot be resolved in the initial response phase, "commencement of work" refers to the period in which a Wings consultant will be able to take steps to resolve the problem.

All times in the table above refer to normal working hours. The upper time limits are considered to be worst-case situations; normally response time will be much quicker. In very unusual circumstances, it is possible that the upper time limits may be exceeded; such situations are likely to be extremely rare.

In order for the above response times to apply, customers must request service using the appropriate team email address or help-line.