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Blue Wings IT Solutions has extensive experience in providing cutting edge Software, ERP and BI solutions to clients scaling varied industry segments utilizing wide variety of technologies. With a pool of trained resources, experienced consultants, good understanding of the industry and market trends and support infrastructure, Blue Wings IT Solutions is able to architect and implement end-to-end solutions that address and satisfy our client’s needs.

application development

From enterprise portals to business process management, a wealth of decision support systems. Blue Wings IT Solutions deliver enterprise business applications. These solutions are built around best-of-breed products and coupled with professional services covering the following functional areas:
1. Document Management
2. Enterprise Portals
3. Web Content Management
4. Business Process Management
5. Business Performance Management
6. Customer Relationship Management

Blue Wings IT Solutions provide E-Business solutions like:
Web Application Development
Website Design & Development
Web Hosting
Search Engine Ranking
Content Management
Document Management

Our technical services provide high-level expertise in Software Engineering based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Object Oriented development (OOD) and Business Intelligence. We can help your organization in the following essential technical areas:

By conducting thorough analysis for customer's business solutions setup we can advice on the best strategic improvements that will help decision makers to get the highest return on investment (ROI) by utilizing current infrastructure, increasing products' quality and reducing development/deployment schedules and costs.

Strategic Planning includes:
• Suggest new solutions architecture from strategic business perspective.
• Select technologies and select vendors.
• Consult on technical and business implications of software solutions.
• Advise on new technology and industry trends and propose strategic options for clients.
• Advise on improving, extending, integrating legacy systems.
• Evaluate and advise about application's security.

Our highly productive and dynamic software development team will work as your team to define and build solutions that meet your business requirements, albeit within the constraints of time, environment, business and technical framework.

Supported by their experience, skills and by implementing agile methods ( like Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, etc ) they will provide successful high-quality solutions that add business value and comply with industry standards.

Software Development service includes:
• Recognize risks early and reduce or mitigate them.
• Advice, select and set development environment.
• Adopt, Improve and build software development processes and practices.

SOA is an architectural approach to development that starts from high level business definitions for data, interfaces, documents, and processes. SOA then align these processes definitions into new or existing services, regardless of the details, location, or programming language in which systems were written.
• Our team helps customers in:
• The development, maintenance, and usage of SOA applications.
• Services identification and categorization, provisioning and delivery, and monitoring and tracking.
• Reusability, granularity, modularity, composeability, and interoperability.
• Compliance to technical and open standards (BPEL, Web Services, WSDL).

Our EAI service helps customers to efficiently integrate stand alone applications in respond to changing and progressive business requirements to be aligned with new business processes using professional strategy.

Our professional strategy includes:
• Adopt a unified approach to integrate applications efficiently utilizing the latest
• Enterprise Integration techniques and best practices.
• Define the practical guidelines on an enterprise level that make the best architecture and technology choices for EAI.
• Utilize the latest technologies like Web Services, JBI, Service Composition and Orchestration, BAM, SOA, and WSRP

We help our customers to gain greater business value from all their data and information assets and improve business decision-making by providing universal timely access to accurate, consistent enterprise data.

Our data management services include:
• Data Modeling
• Data Warehousing
• Data Profiling and Quality Assurance
• Data Migration / ETL
• Data Mining
• Data Security
• Meta-data Management
• Master Data Management

Our Business Intelligence (BI) service helps organization to transform raw data into intelligence data. It helps business users at every level to find new, more sophisticated ways to analyze and report on the information mined from their vast data warehouses.

Our BI service includes:
• Identifying and Profiling data sources.
• Define, design, and build the BI data model based on business needs and optimized for complex and unpredictable queries.
• Perform Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) operation on data.
• Define metrics, attributes as fine grained reports components.
• Design and build reports, and dashboards.
• Evaluate and Advice on selecting ETL and BI tools.

IDM is critical for enterprise organizations to achieve secure, flexible and scalable systems by providing centralized user management, user accounts provisioning and controlling user’s access to enterprise Resources

Our IDM services include:
• Analyze the existing identity management needs, processes, and solutions.
• Define the IDM business and technical requirements.
• Simplify the management and administration of distributed, overlapping data about users by consolidating it into a single repository.
• Help in the selection of the best IDM platform that serves the customers
• Integration with other enterprise applications to achieve the highest level of standardization and flexibility.
• Consolidate and streamline the management of user identity, authentication and authorization data.
• Achieve Identity management objectives in terms of consistency, efficiency and scalability.
• Our approach is based on Open standards IDM technologies and protocols that allow smoother integration for heterogeneous environments.

Blue Wings IT Solutions collaborates with our clients to plan, develop, integrate and manage custom applications, packaged software as well as industry-specific solutions. Blue Wings IT Solutions focus on architecting business solutions from standard technical components to support process redesign and improved performance tied to the overall business goals.

Through Blue Wings IT Solutions in-house expertise Application Services capability provides:
• Technical domain expertise
• Process excellence
• Knowledge of best-of-breed applications

We collaborate with our clients to plan, develop, integrate and manage custom applications, packaged software as well as industry-specific solutions. We focus on architecting business solutions from standard technical components to support process redesign and improved performance tied to the overall business goals.

With our vast experience in complex environments and legacy systems along with industry-specific knowledge, we know what works. And we have the frameworks, processes and resources to design the odernization programs and individual integration projects that you need for now and in the future. We have done it for many other successful companies, and we can do it for you.

Blue Wings IT Solutions’s Applications Services help you build a business that always keeps you moving forward:

Leveraging nearly a half century of Blue Wings IT Solutions’s outsourcing experience, Blue Wings IT Solutions helps many companies in various industries increase their efficiency, effectiveness and agility by managing their applications. We can realign your applications, their performance and total cost of ownership by transforming your support organization and services. Through continuous improvement and implementation of best practices such as CMMI we allow you to make the most of current IT investments and focus on your core business.

Successful applications development begins with proven, established processes that can be adapted and customized to meet your needs. That is where Blue Wings IT Solutions excels. In addition, our personnel are unsurpassed when it comes to designing quality applications, extensions and enhancements that support your organization’s business and technical needs.

Start maximizing business benefits with Blue Wings IT Solutions Applications Modernization Services. Drawing on Blue Wings IT Solutions’s extensive experience in legacy environments, we provide comprehensive modernization and service strategies for clients in a broad range of industries. By applying innovative technologies, we work behind the scenes to improve your business’ performance and reduce your application and infrastructure costs.

Business & Technology Services creates a plan that provides a business-aligned technology framework for how your company can reach information technology (IT) applications and infrastructure efficiencies.

Business Intelligence Services takes your architecture, processes, technologies and tools and helps you employ them to decipher your organization’s raw data and to turn this data into meaningful, accurate and up-to-date information that you can use to make better business decisions.

Composite Application and Portal Services enables knowledge users to make faster and better business decisions by leveraging an enterprise’s applications, information, processes, and communities of interest

Today’s businesses understand the value and importance of enterprise software solutions provided by companies like Oracle and SAP. Blue Wings IT Solutions’s Enterprise Application Implementation Services helps you get the most out of your investments with services that configure, implement, and upgrade enterprise applications and technology.

Enterprise Application Management Services provides ongoing functional and application support of integrated enterprise application software packages such as SAP and Oracle.

Blue Wings IT Solutions utilizes Blue Wings IT Solutions Enterprise Content Management Integration Services, which provides an integrated approach for managing all content-related processes across an extended enterprise.

Blue Wings IT Solutions Global Testing Services are available to Blue Wings IT Solutions clients to deliver a comprehensive solution that minimizes application failures and helps you achieve business results you can measure. We improve the quality of your business applications by reducing defects. In addition, rework costs are reduced throughout your systems development lifecycle, not just at the testing phase.